NH has an amazing diversity of landscapes for such a small state. Most of our cabin and cottage opportunities lay in the seacoast, lakes or mountains regions, but occasionally cabins may be found elsewhere, particularly in small towns that were late zoning law adopters.

The Great North Woods area (north of the White Mountains) has the most cabins, particularly near or on the Connecticut Lakes. Lakeside cottages are common and prices are fairly reasonable.

The Lake's Region has a considerable number of cabins and cottages as well as the benefit of being as much as two hours closer to Boston. Prices are higher but the region offers many restaurants and nearby attractions.

The White Mountains offer mostly cabins at a full range of prices. Restaurants, attractions and good shopping make this area quite popular overall.

Our Seacoast is quite small and cabin accommodation offerings are similar.

Cabins and cottages can be found elsewhere in the state but are few. In these areas, your best bet for cabin accommodations are probably found in campgrounds that also offer cabins.

Other Resources

As you plan your NH travel, there are numerous quality resources both online and off. These are among the best ones!

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Chamber of Commerce web sites can also be quite useful but tend to be weak above the White Mountains.

We built, and therefore prefer DirectoryNH.com. It's easy to navigate, broad in scope, and very light on advertising. It offers over 10,000 hand cataloged links to NH businesses and attractions, etc.

The Visitor Resource Center at DirectoryNH.com lists Must-See events, and articulates the state's best shopping areas, things to do and has a quality description of each of the state's major regions. Do check it out.

9th Annual Jericho ATV Festival

August 3 & 4, 2018.

The annual festival takes place at Jericho Mountain State Park, which boasts more than 80 miles of trails and is interconnected with more than 1,000 miles of OHRV trails in the Ride the Wilds network.  NH’s North Country is a paradise for ATV riders.

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​Of course, NH has a great many activities happening all the time. Alas, there are no comprehensive calendars for the State of New Hampshire but there are some good resources.

If you are visiting NH, try the following three pages for your best family options:
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