Northern NH includes the Great North Woods, the 4 Connecticut Lakes, Lake Umbagog and numerous smaller lakes and ponds, as well as Berlin, Colebrook, Errol, Gorham, Pittsburg, and a handful of other communities. The larger mountains are to the south, but some hills are notable, including Jericho Mountain. 

Water, fish and moose are all plentiful here. The area is also popular for ATV and snowmobile trails. The pace of life is slower, and Berlin’s Walmart is pretty much the last outpost for a large variety of name brand goods. It’s easy to find life’s necessities, but finding your favorite brand on the shelf might be challenging. This top third of New Hampshire has a total population of about 35,000 people: too few, too geographically diverse to support a large variety of anything. Bring your favorite brands with you!

The area has some great restaurants but mostly American menus. Lodging varies widely from the Mountain View Grand Hotel in Whitefield and on down. The numerous lakes and the late adoption of zoning laws contributed to a good variety of cabins and cottages throughout the region. They do vary widely in quality / ambiance so be sure to understand what you are purchasing. The area is also quite popular during snowmobile, summer and foliage seasons. Call ahead and make reservations.

For quality local community/attraction info we look to NHGrand is also a good source, but tends to be more advertiser driven. You may also wish to try the local area Chambers: Berlin, Colebrook & Whitefield.


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Visiting The North Woods?

When visiting the North Country, count on for community and attraction profiles, local info and tips.

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